Accommodation booking in Aminess hotels & campsites

Accommodation and/or services in Aminess hotels & campsites facilities can be booked in several ways.

By online booking

You can book by our online booking system on our web pages. The proceedure is as follows:
  • choose the facility and period and follow further instructions offered by the system.
  • you guarantee your arrival with a valid credit card or a deposit payment charged to your credit card (the amount is debited immediately after the reservation).
  • prior to issue of booking confirmation, the system requires you to confirm acceptance of general business terms.

By sending an enquiry

You can find the booking enquiry on our web pages. The completed enquiry can be sent:
  • directly from the web page
  • by email
  • by fax

Based on your enquiry concerning specific accommodation facility, you will receive our offer, the method of payment and the offer deadline. Upon confirming the offer, you will receive a written booking confirmation which will contain all the necessary booking data.

It is necessary to pay a deposit for accommodation booking. The confirmation will also contain the deposit amount and payment deadline. Please, send us a payment copy. We do not confirm deposit receipts. Failing to receive the deposit within the deadline, we will advise you in writing of the booking cancellation.

In the evnt of illness ot force majeure, we will reimburse you the deposit, reduced by the forwarding costs, provided that you send us a formal confirmation prior to your arrival. In all other cases of booking cancellation, we retain the deposit paid.

By telephone

You can book by telephone, via our contact centre, every day from 08:00 – 16:00 h. Following the verbal agreement on booking terms, you will receive a booking confirmation by email or fax.


Skype us! If you are on internet every day and have Skype – call us and request your booking.

If you have not tried yet this possibility of free phoning via internet, click on our icon on Skype, download the free program and ask anything you want to know about your next holiday in Novigrad!
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