Other sports

The lovers of adrenaline activities have at their disposal a paintball range at the Camp Mareda,jet ski rental, carting and paragliding in the vicinity of Novigrad and safari tours in buggies.The location of the Adriatic sea Mirna river estuary is suitable for the lovers of the kayak and canoe.

A valuable addition to the sports offer of Novigrad certainly is the town sports hall. This modern building is situated near the Laguna complex, at the southern entrance of the town and represents an important step forward into the new sports era in the area of Novigrad,

All lovers of golf will be happy to know that, only 20 kilometers away from Novigrad, there is the first real competition golf course in Istria. It is an 18-hole golf course on 80 acres of land at the very north-west of the Peninsula, near Umag.

Holidays in Novigrad can be an excellent opportunity to do something for your health and to regain fitness. Together with our sports offer, you will free your body from the negative impacts to which it had been exposed during the year. Your holiday is the right time to renew energy and vitality.

Laguna Novigrad invites you to be active and to try your skill in your favourite sports activities.