Laguna Novigrad lowest price guarantee

For each booking made through the company Laguna Novigrad, we guarantee you the lowest online price which is possible to book over internet.

Should you wish to book via Laguna Novigrad, but, in the meantime, on internet you find a lower price than the lowest price we are offering, we will approve of the same price and give you an additional 5% discount.

In order to qualify for this guarantee, simply send an email to:, or call our Booking centre on +385 52 858 600.


If, for the same facility, the same number of guests and period of stay you find on another web page a lower price than the one we quoted, we will further lower our price.

The guarantee refers to the price inclusive of all contributions (VAT, service charge, tourist tax...)


Regardless of the number of the lower prices found, only one 5% discount will be approved. Multiple requests for guarantee of the lowest price for the stay that is longer than one night will be treated as one single request for one single stay and the lowest price will be applied to that stay.

The lowest price guarantee does not refer to the prices quoted on, or any other web page offering to a guest the posibility to choose the hotel category, without knowing the name of the hotel prior to the confirmation of the room booked.

The guarantee, therefore, does not refer to the prices published on any web page on which the hotel name, hotel brand or any other data which could reveal the identity of the hotel, are hidden.


The lowest price guarantee does not refer to the holiday packet prices. They include the hotel accommodation prices sold as a part of a tourist holiday packet, together with other services.

The lowest price guarantee equally does not  refer to non-published prices, i.e. the prices not available to the public, such as the prices offered to companies, group prices, congress prices or any other price destined to a specific group and unavailable to the public.
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