Events in Novigrad and in surrounding area

As with the whole of Istria, Novigrad too buzzes in summer with events, be it concerts, folk celebrations, festivals or sports events

Have fun and enjoy a glass of wine, tasty food and cultural events.

Meet new people, both local folk and travellers from different parts of Europe, who are equally intoxicated by the beauty and spirit of this small Mediterranean town and its surrounding area.

Gnam-gnam fest is held several times during the summer. In the evening, on stalls along the sea shore, special sea delicacies are offered to guests, accompanied by merry music.

Astro party Lunasa is the night of celebration of the ancient celtic calendar, with astronomical observation of celestial bodies and appropriate offers of „astro-meals and drinks“, as well as ambient music.

St Pelagija Celebration, traditional celebration of the town patron saint, accompanied by concerts, sports games, gastronomic offers on stalls along Novigrad Mandrač area, fireworks…

Parkfest is an event initiated by the young people of Novigrad in order to enable promotion of yet unknown artists – musicians, painters, literature authors, performers and film makers.

Foto ex tempore brings top photographers to our town for the autumn international photo- competition. Photography on the set theme ends with a common exhibition, with socialising of all dear guests.

Meeting of all Croatian choirs is an event with the purpose of proving achievements and most valuable accomplishments in amateur choir singing in Croatia.

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