Experience Laguna Novigrad


With the new wellness centre, Hotel Maestral obtained a series of most modern facilities – modern gymnasium, 25-metre heated swimming pool, luxurious massage rooms, face and body care and different types of saunas.

Sport and Fun in Laguna Novigrad


Apart from the offer of various water sports, such as diving and windsurfing, in our offer you will also find ideal oportunities for individual and group sports. Central Laguna Novigrad sports complex, which is situated in an oasis of greenery, near the town and by the sea, abounds in different sports terrains.

Family - Laguna Novigrad


To be on holiday means to have time for oneself and to use it the way we like best: from a quiet holiday to lively entertainment and activity. It is exactly what our animation offers to you: varied programmes at any time of the day to suit all generations and desires.



Wonder how would a beginning of your fairytale look like in Novigrad? Take a look at our screenplay, production and direction of an amazing love story. The leading roles are, of course, yours.

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