Sport and Fun in Laguna Novigrad
Tennis - Laguna Novigrad


Apart from the offer of various water sports, such as diving and windsurfing, in our offer you will also find ideal oportunities for individual and group sports. Central Aminess hotels & campsites sports complex, which is situated in an oasis of greenery, near the town and by the sea, abounds in different sports terrains.


Aquapark Istralandia

This interesting aquatic world stretches over 81.000 m2, it is only five kilometres away from the coast and has a great geostrategic location at the exit of the Istrian Ypsilon highway (exit Nova Vas), between Novigrad and Brtonigla.

A family bike ride


Our Aminess Maestral Hotel has fulfilled all the conditions in order to be awarded the sign of a bike-hotel. The licensing is conducted according to considerably stricter criteria than those in Italy or Spain, and, for the guests, this sign confirms the hotel's full equipment for the cycloturists' needs.
Our guest cyclists have only one problem – which path to choose as Novigrad is a part of a spider's web of bicycle paths.

A football match


Today when football is the most important secondary thing in the world, numerous trainers and selectors are choosing Istria as a place for the preparation of their clubs and national teams. So too the Croatian National Team who won the bronze medal in the World Football Championships in 1998 after training in Istria. 

Kayak and Canoe - Laguna Novigrad

Kayak & Canoe

The mouth of the river Mirna is just a few minutes rowing distance from our hotel beach so the hotel location is really excellent for canoeists and kayakists.
The river Mirna is the longest and the most abundant Istrian river. Its springs are in the village of Kotli, not far from Hum and it flows into the Adriatic near Novigrad. 


Other sports

The lovers of adrenaline activities have at their disposal a paintball range at the Aminess Park Mareda Campsite,jet ski rental, carting and paragliding in the vicinity of Novigrad and safari tours in buggies.The location of the Adriatic sea Mirna river estuary is suitable for the lovers of the kayak and canoe.

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