Today when football is the most important secondary thing in the world, numerous trainers and selectors are choosing Istria as a place for the preparation of their clubs and national teams. So too the Croatian National Team who won the bronze medal in the World Football Championships in 1998 after training in Istria. 

It is a fact that Laguna Novigrad too is part of that footballing family demonstrated by the numerous teams from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Germany, who carry out their winter preparation on our football pitches. In collaboration with local football teams, various tournaments for players of all ages are organized.

Our three football pitches, two large with grass and smaller one with artificial turf are situated just to the side of the hotels. They are regularly maintained and excellently equipped with all additional facilities. There is a possibility of playing at night as both fields are floodlit.

Beside our playing areas, we can also organize the use of the main football pitches in nearby villages.