Kayak & Canoe

The mouth of the river Mirna is just a few minutes rowing distance from our hotel beach so the hotel location is really excellent for canoeists and kayakists.

The river Mirna is the longest and the most abundant Istrian river. Its springs are in the village of Kotli, not far from Hum and it flows into the Adriatic near Novigrad. Porto Quieto could once be found at its mouth which during the Middle Ages, together with Venice, was one of the largest ports of the northern Adriatic. The river Mirna was navigable Almost to the beginning of the Second World War.

The town completely justifies its name (Mirna = Calm) with its tranquillity and so it is ideal for canoeists and kayakists. The river is winding in the upper part of the flow whilst it peaks before the hill situated over the picturesque Motovun, and is transformed into a long, straight channel and has this form to the mouth. If the water level is favourable, the length of the route along which it is possible to row for around 35 kilometres long.