Restaurants and bars

Within the Aminess Maestral Hotel there is a modern restaurant, in whose pleasant atmosphere or its beautiful terrace by the pool you can abandon yourselves to enjoyment of the Istrian and national gastronomy and taste domestic dishes, but also international specialities.

The Aminess Maestral's cuisine is one of the strongest trade marks of the Hotel. Under the leadership of the vetted chef Mario Čančar it has received numerous guests' compliments. When the President of the State visited Novigrad in September 2010, Aminess Maestral Hotel's kitchen was the one selected for the catering.

The cuisine insists upon fresh produce and quality, uses olive oil Vergal from own Laguna Novigrad production, offers dishes based on fish, crabs and shellfish, meat dishes and an abundance of desserts. It also avidly follows modern culinary trends, placing before its guests most challenging creations made of chocolate and Istrian truffles.

You can enjoy refreshing drinks and cocktails in Aminess Maestral Hotel as well as in the pleasant atmosphere of the aperitif bar by the pool.

With its catering service offer, Aminess Maestral Hotel is an excellent choice for organisation of romantic celebrations of wedding days.

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