Aminess hotels & campsites partner programmes

By cooperating with Aminess hotels & campsites, you realise a permanent 24-hour possibility of booking, as well as access to our hotels and campsite availability, with the possibility of a discount of up to 25%.

Permanent access
As a Aminess hotels & campsites partner, you have access to the availability of our facilities and bookings from 0-24h every day!

More value for money
For our partners, we have prepared numerous special offers by which your clients will obtain greater value for their money.

Up to 25% discount
We offer you a unique opportunity to, as a privileged Aminess hotels & campsites partner, to obtain up to 25% discount!

Become a Aminess hotels & campsites partner!
Dear guests, welcome to Aminess hotels & campsites, the new brand by Laguna Novigrad! Find out more