Our hotel has fulfilled all the conditions in order to be awarded the sign of a bike-hotel. The licensing is conducted according to considerably stricter criteria than those in Italy or Spain, and, for the guests, this sign confirms the hotel's full equipment for the cycloturists' needs.

Our guest cyclists have only one problem – which path to choose as Novigrad is a part of a spider's web of bicycle paths. Any of these paths you decide to go along, will surely find something suitable for you. Recreational and admirers of urban life will satisfy their curious spirits by going along the town paths and parks and spending moments of reprieve in the museums, galleries and bars.

If you would rather know the scope of your ride, there is an offer that provides numerous wine trails, agritourism where, beside the beautiful scenery, you will enjoy the flavours of local dishes and wines.

Against this interesting cyclist adventure there are romantic small medieval towns that are simply not to be avoided no matter which type of path or cycling trail you choose, and which look forward welcoming you.

If you do not have a bicycle with you, you can rent it in the hotel.